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Put Hatchet Back - Add Axe - RESOLVED

Added by LostS77 about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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OK... so my suggestion would be to remove Hatchet as a Weapon and put it back as a Utility Item.

Then add a new weapon and call it "Axe" or something and that way, those of us who wish to carry a hatchet for cutting down wood and stuff can... and those who wish to go on a Axe Murdering Spree can do so also. I just hate how the hatchet takes up sooo much space and takes up the rifle slot.


Updated by Chimaera about 5 years ago

I think you will find this has been addressed in the latest Pending Update

see this for details

Updated by LostS77 about 5 years ago

Doh... guess I missed that. Maybe, I am not sure, guess I will wait and find out and if it does I will come back and close this one :)

Updated by LostS77 about 5 years ago

  • Subject changed from Put Hatchet Back - Add Axe to Put Hatchet Back - Add Axe - RESOLVED

OK since the update you can transfer a hatchet from Utility slots to weapon slot which will work. I have no tried it personally, but it was in the change log and I haven't seen anyone saying it doesn't work. This feature request can be closed.

Thank you :)

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