Bug #33879

[] Converting mags refills rounds

Added by edonovan about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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You can convert 1911 magazines to 45 rounds and then back again to refill the magazine, leading to potentially infinite ammunition. Not sure if it works with others.


Updated by Arcanix about 5 years ago

This can also be exploited by reloading before the magazine is empty (assuming you have extras) and relogging before you run out. All mags will now be full so in theory you can make 1 magazine last forever if you relog before it runs out, this is also assuming the it doesn't get eaten up.

Updated by kagedmaniak about 5 years ago

I believe the reloading before empty and filling was to fix an issue where you would relog before empty and you'd come back with no clip. So instead of potentially losing ammo you now gain it. One thing I noticed on was for me with the M1911 I couldn't reload to a new mag?

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