Bug #33851

[] Inventory wipe; Replaced with other items

Added by S0N0S about 5 years ago.

Status:New Start date:06/20/2012
Priority:Normal Due date:
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Spawned in on some random server and my equipped gear was wiped. I lost an M4A1 CCO, M1911, 3 mags of STANAG, 4 mags of M1911, 2 bandages, 1 M9SD mag, 2 canteens, some food, toolbox, entrenching tool, GPS, and other items. Replaced with 1 can of pepsi, painkillers, morphine, blood bag, makarov, and 3 makarov mags. I was able to keep my binoculars, map, watch, compass, knife, and matches.

I was not and never did pick up the new melee hatchet in any previous release, which I believe is the reason why people are getting this "reset". This is not expected behavior.

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