Bug #33787

Zed Aggro is broken.

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AS of zed aggro seems to be broken. examples listed bellow

Crouch walking up a hill with Forrest and vegetation to get to a deer stand on the other side. before i reach the top of the hill and can even see the deer stand, i'm rushed by the 3 zeds defending it. probably about 100m away.

New guy spawning. get attacked by 8 zombies after walking 5m. seemingly from 50-100m away. also spotted through buildings.

It seems that zombies are spawning facing the player. and also aggression and able to see through anything. thereby rushing the player as soon as they spawn. i'm guessing this is related to the feature letting zombies try to track down people. even after loosing Line of Sight


Updated by Coveringfire about 5 years ago

I'll +1 this. Zeds seem to have Xray vision and can see through buildings and terrain. Also seem to aggro on spawn and randomly during their short lives.

Had zombies spawn inside buildings while i'm creeping towards them, then aggro and sprint through the doors (while remembering to close them behind them, perhaps not all humanity is lost.) at me.

Updated by McLovinN about 5 years ago

yea i've this issue too, aggro and pulling zombies definitely doesnt work as it shoulds

Updated by Mannex about 5 years ago

yeah zombies seem to aggro way too easily and from too far away now. I almost want to say it's their hearing.

edit: it must be their hearing. I was crouch-running through the woods towards a town, zero visibility but 3 bars of sound, and I aggro'd everything.

Updated by rocket about 5 years ago

Pretty sure most of it is related to hearing.

In next hotfix infected will do a terrain check. working on rebalance of audio now.

Updated by rocket about 5 years ago

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