Bug #33766

[] Compass Pickup causes Magazines to Drop

Added by thygrrr about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

Status:New Start date:06/19/2012
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Issue: Picking up a compass caused me to drop my G17 and Makarov mags I held in addition to my revolver mags (Revolver equipped)


Updated by Peac about 5 years ago

Same problem with a watch here.

Updated by shade45 about 5 years ago

This seems to have been happening since 1.7.1. Or at least it would drop all of your upper inventory (food/water, primary ammo, etc.) upon picking up anything like a compass or watch.

Updated by thygrrr about 5 years ago

Interestingly, I was unable to reproduce it after a while. Maybe an artifact from the hatchet ammo thingy.

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