Bug #33737

High/Long unconcious times at high/full blood levels

Added by Livid about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Seen three different reported accounts of 1 hit take downs at or above 10500 health causing unconciousness and death (due to bleeding out/zombie eating you while unconcious).

We're not sure if it's a bug or a fluke, or supposed to be this difficult, but someone with full blood who's completely decked out in gear is getting taken down by one lucky shot, and remaining unconcious for an inordinate amount of time in some cases to the point of death. Perhaps a bit unfair.

Again not sure if it's a bug, or working as intended, but wanted to report it anyway.


Updated by Livid about 5 years ago

Edit: From zombie attacks only from what I can tell.

To be more specific, all three cases were solitary one on one encounters with zombies, not rampaging hordes or multiples. The zombie squeezes in a lucky shot, and that first hit takes you instantly from 12000 blood straight to unconsciousness. Then, between bleeding out and having a single zombie eat on you, by the time I lost all my blood and died, my unconscious timer had just barely hit the halfway marker. So the question is two part. Is it intended to be knocked out at such high levels of blood (is it just a dice roll or dependent upon blood levels?) and is the unconscious meter supposed to last that long starting out at such high blood levels?

Updated by Griseus about 5 years ago

Had some problems with these states too, but was not hit. Reconnected to different servers to find one without huge FPS drop, and just falling unconcious for long time. Then Z spawned \ came close to me and killed while still in this state (5-10 min).

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