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bicycles not reparable/feedback

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bicycle do not repare when parts are aplied.

i also find them too fragle to be reolistic, a bike moves at too slow of speeds to truly mess its self up.
my experence (as a road biker and mountian) the worst thing that could happen is a flat tire or broken chane (but this is extremly rare and takes years of neglect) and even then in a situation like DZ a flat tire would not stop me, a temp patch, or cutting open the tube and tying a knot in it, or even packing the tire with leaves would keep you moving, so maby a patch tire option that lets you keep rolling at 50% speed till you can find a new tire.


Updated by thygrrr about 5 years ago

If you bump your bike into a tree, especially if it's an old bike, the front wheel does break. Especially at 15-20 km/h or more.

As a biker myself I consider the damage model for bikes to be realistic, but the offroad speeds are pretty outrageous.

Updated by shadowrwolf about 5 years ago

the off road speed is 12 MPH thats not bad concidering you can sprint non stop, and if you ran a bike in to a tree and the tire snaped you probly should stop using wood wheles

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