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Radio System to Replace Global Chat

Added by kethil about 5 years ago.

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here is my suggestion about radio system to replace global chat. its inpired by radio system like world of tanks so here is the detail :

1. make radio (item) as replacement of global chat but with range better than direct chat ie: 500m

2. only char that have radio in backpack within range can hear other chat that is using radio.

3. to prevent over usage we can make battery system like vehicles (fuel). ie radio need power ( battery) to function and its power can only be used for a brief period ie 5 hours then player need to find battery again.

4. radio and battery can be spawned as rare loot at nearby store.

5. we can make many different kind of radio (brand) with different voice range.

thats my suggestion and hope this can be solution to lack of communication cause of limited range or to many chat in globat chat. and sorry for my engrish lol.

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