Feature #331

Standard output on marker placement, on drawing.

Added by kju over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Target version:0.7.0


It would be good to see by default as status message once a new marker was placed that you can see:

"Timmy placed a %TYPE% marker" 

Could be even with coords.

Same goes if someone is drawing on the map, it should temporarily show "Timmy is drawing" until he stops
doing so (so not multiple / stacking messages).

Multiple people drawing at the same time:

"Timmy, Mike, Dude is drawing".

If it would be shown as part of the status part, the line length should not be such a problem.

Both should be possible to disable / toggle via the interface (and external configuration file?).

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Updated by Spooner over 8 years ago

You already have the former functionality (message showing who has placed an icon marker, coordinate and message) if you send an urgent message. You do this by starting the message with an exclamation point, such as "! ei" or "! airstrike!!!". This functionality needs to be also available via a toggle button though when placing markers, since you only know about ! via word of mouth or, heaven forbid, people actually read the manual!

Regarding who is drawing, this was part of the point of the idea to show a finger marker (#251). That, however, would be optional and require more bandwidth for continual updates. If more than a couple of people were drawing, the status bar would quickly fill and they would pop in and out of "drawing" list if, for example, they were drawing several small lines.

Updated by kju over 8 years ago


That is why it says 'standard output'.
In other words all the time and by default.

While the optIn solution (urgent marker) is also very useful, both ways are "needed".
And I am saying it should be shown by default. Via GV it should be possible to disable mission wise.

You could even think about make it only shown in the addon version for others with the addon version
to avoid public server spam.

From my experience for 95% of the gameplay and server the marker placement is that rare that a hint
fro every marker will not result in a spam.

The finger requires you to be on the map right? So its something very different (while still very useful).

status bar would quickly fill

Hm suggested idea is to have this information single line.
Of course if you have to many people drawing lines at the same time, the screen width might not be enough.
Yet how common is that? I would worry about those rare cases, the space not being enough.

You have to keep in mind that you are only meant to see it for those that you can actually see.
Most stuff is drawn in side, group or even vehicle channel.

Updated by Spooner over 8 years ago

Regarding the addon version on a server, all aspects of SPON Map, when used as optional client-side addon, only apply to people with the addon. Thus, you only get markers, IMs or messages of any kind if you also have Map of some kind running.

Giving the "urgent" marker mode all the time, so you always get a message, does make some sense. You don't get it for drawings, only for icon markers, but perhaps I could make more messages for that. As you say, markers should generally be sent to those that need them and people who just use side for everything are going to get themselves in a mess.

Finger would be a toggle when you were in the map, of course (off whenever you open the map).

I really don't think that the status line idea works. Even if there is plenty of room on this line, the same line is apparently also being used for 10 other messages at the same time. This just doesn't work, though I think other methods of showing state information should be considered.

Updated by Spooner over 8 years ago

Made all icon marker sends create a chat message now. Need to see if people complain, in which case I'll have to make it optional. Still no messages for drawings (which are more vague and less likely to be important).

Updated by Spooner over 8 years ago

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Updated by kju over 8 years ago


While thinking about it, the "finger" thing to show the name of the guy who is currently drawing
will do fine. I may revise this after some experience with it.

PS: You wanted to send me an updated version for my second / next test session. :)

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Updated by kju over 8 years ago

Awesome feature!

Coloring the output is not possible eh?
What about a marker in front of the output?

Updated by Spooner over 8 years ago

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The way I write "free" text into the chat window is via a gamelogic using globalchat, so it has the colour of globalchat (white). Having to use "player sideChat" and such things is a bit limiting...

As far as I'm aware, I can't use icons in chat since it isn't structured text. Interestingly, a lot more things use structured text than most people realise (e.g. hints and action labels).

Updated by kju over 8 years ago

Yep i noticed this later on. Too bad, yet its great to have it integrated in the standard chat with history etc.

Updated by kju over 8 years ago

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works nicely!

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