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revive and egtting eaten - lol

Added by Tijai almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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I cant remember the script, or mission it was in for that matter but I remember playing a vanilla ArmA2 mission where there was a revive script but it gave you a set number of time to be revived. (might have been Domi)

Anyway I noticed the AI still attacked the player waiting to be revived.
I thought this might be cool in this mission as the following scenario:

Player gets attached and is immobilised (unconcious)
Zombies keep attaching for set period of time (say 20 secs) or some other flag (additional damage?)
Teamates have that time to get the zeds off the player and revive (medic kits maybe?)

This could be shown to the attacked player possibly as the overhead view (is a screen filter - reddish possible), in which he would see the zeds crowding around his body and 'feating'.

Dont know how difficult this would be, just thought would be pretty cool and add some urgency to rescue team mates.


Updated by Tijai almost 5 years ago

Seam to remember on something loading immobilised teammates into vehicles.
If that is possible then rather than medkits - Med tents could be a sort after commodity for bases.

Updated by stk almost 5 years ago

to Tijai

Hi sorry to keep going on about ACE but

ACE2 allows loading of buddys into vehicles and you can all so use stretchers to lay your buddy on.

Updated by Tijai almost 5 years ago

M8 I understand where your coming from, but one of the main strengths of this mission is it works 'out of the box'

I'm all for having and ACE version maybe, but the core mission should be stable as vanilla.

Im sure when this happens and is released there will be all sorts of variations released ACE, ACRE, alt zombie mods, Aliens/predator,my little pony - the lot, but the core vanilla mission needs to work first with issues like lag, hordes, additional missions, zombie respawn, items spawns etc.

I think this is the way it will go, and hope so but guess thats upto Craig.

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