Bug #3286

VSS Vintorez

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Category:Class/Kit/Armaments dialog
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Currently, the VSS Vintorez is available in the Rifleman kit. The Vintorez is classed as a sniper rifle (albeit with a small range) and is mostly used by Special Forces.

Either make it available for Marksmen and Snipers only, or create a new SF kit. I know that PR removed the SF kits due to problems with player smacktards, but I believe that a game like Arma2 can support SF units, if one considers things like sabotage and assassination missions.


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Sorry, this should be a Feature, not a Bugreport.

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Sounds good. Changed.
Other similar cases where high scopes exist in both sniper class and rifleman class include: M4SPR, AKS 74 PSO, AK 107 PSO. These are not changed for now.

Updated by Salah almost 8 years ago

I think the exact kit layouts need to be discussed in detail at some point in the future.

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