Bug #32539

Random death while completely safe and at full blood.

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I was crouched in a tent with my friend and 12000 blood, minimized to the beanfinder map, maximized, tried to walk forward, then heard a bone crunching noise and died instantly (faster than I would have if someone had shot me in the head with a sniper, not that they could have while I was crouched in the corner of the tent, also, my squad had secured the area, and no-one heard a gunshot).

My friend could see me out of the corner of his screen and said I just took one step, then bone crunching noise, then fell over. I was in skype with several friends that I was rolling with when this happened. Best of all, it was a 1 and a half week old character and the body vanished instantly.

The day z wiki says there's an exploit that lets you force other players to respawn. I didn't see that bug posted here, so here it is.


Updated by Babylon almost 5 years ago

Same happed to me and and friend of mine.. The last of us did survive this bug :)

Updated by rocket almost 5 years ago

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Without reproduction steps, unable to fix this.

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