Bug #3242

AI use wire fences as cover

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When soldiers use walls as cover they do not take account of whether they transparent (wire fences) or solid like brick. This can make them very vulnerable.

Wire_20Fence_20Test_201.Chernarus.zip (1.3 kB) DomProgZ, 08/02/2009 00:22

SS-2009.10.02-00.39.45.jpg (696.5 kB) Fireball, 10/01/2009 22:41

Related issues

related to ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Bug #1709: Wrong/impenetrable fire-geo on chain link fences Closed 06/01/2009


Updated by acf over 7 years ago

Related to Bug 1709?

Updated by DomProgZ over 7 years ago

The title should have been "AI use wire fences as cover"

It maybe related to bug #1709, but that depends on how Arma 2 is implemented.

Updated by Squelch over 7 years ago

  • Subject changed from AI use wire fences a cover to AI use wire fences as cover

Updated by Squelch over 7 years ago

#1709 is indeed related. The fire geometry will stop bullets and the AI uses it for targeting and visibility checks.

Updated by DomProgZ over 7 years ago

I did a future check on this today. The wire fences in this example do allow bullets to pass through them and the AI to see through them as well. However I think what I meant was AI stands up behind wire fences which is bad if they are under fire which may just be a current limitation of the AI. The other 4 problems that I posted #3241, #3240, #3239 and #3238 probably are simpler to solve.
AI control is almost infinitely complex computationally in general and all we can really hope for is that the AI more effective statically, given how slow CPUs still are.
I’m glad Arma 2 is loads better than Arma 1 which was very good anyway.
I think this problem particular I posted is quite minor really and was probably too picky.
Sorry this example is for Chernarus, which has masses of fences.

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What about 1.04?

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If I interpret this right, according to the mission attached, after 2-3 minutes I saw them standing behind the fence like in the attached screenshot. Looks like they feel safe there... :)

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The cover system was changed so this shouldn't be such an issue at the moment.

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Please test and report back.

Updated by kju almost 7 years ago

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No feedback unfortunately. Reopen if still problematic.

Updated by Bouben over 6 years ago

I can confirm, that this bug is still actual.

Updated by kju over 6 years ago

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Thanks for the feedback

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  • I am using some Mods set to No
  • I am using set to CO (A2+OA)
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Still true in latest CO.

However personally I see it OK, as humans do it too and better than nothing.

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