Bug #3236

Mi-28 Replacer breaks Mi-24V

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I've been doing some testing in the Armory (haven't had a chance to check this in the Editor), but it seems the Mi-28 replacer file (the one that replaces the Mi-24P with the Mi-28) breaks the Mi-24V, at least in the Armory. When flying the Mi-24V, there is no gunner seat position, you cannot select "manual fire" and there does not appear to be any weapons on the aircraft. Furthermore, you do not receive any combat "missions" (like assault, defend, etc) while flying the Mi-24V.
Can anyone confirm these bugs in the regular game with the editor?


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For me everything works fine in the editor.

The armory is not a valid check for model replacements.
Model replacements are by nature screwing up the game to a small degree.

The unit itself can be tested in the armory, the replacement must be in missions.

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