Bug #32264

Script error from cba\addons\ai\fnc_searchNearby because of bis_fnc_dirto

Added by Cuel about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

Status:Feedback Start date:06/01/2012
Priority:Normal Due date:06/09/2012
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Category:Misc Functions
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Component: Affected Version:182
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Trying to use the searchNearby function results in this sometimes.

_ret = ((_pos2 select 0) - (_pos1 select 0)) atan2 ((_pos2 select 1) - (_p>
Error position: <select 0)) atan2 ((_pos2 select 1) - (_p>
Error select: Type Object, expected Array,Config entry
File ca\modules\functions\geometry\fn_dirTo.sqf, line 24

called from line 29 in ai/fnc_searchNearby.sqf

scriptErrorTest.Zargabad.rar - repro mission (2.4 kB) Cuel, 06/03/2012 21:08


Updated by Sickboy about 5 years ago

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Heya, would you have a repro mission to go with that?
The opted problem seems very strange, because the fn_dirTo function actually converts Objects to positions..

_pos1 = _this select 0;
_pos2 = _this select 1;

//if objects, not positions, were passed in, then get their positions
if(typename _pos1 == "OBJECT") then {_pos1 = getpos _pos1};
if(typename _pos2 == "OBJECT") then {_pos2 = getpos _pos2};

Updated by Cuel about 5 years ago

Yeah sure. I'm just forwarding this bug from a friend. But I've seen the error pop up numerous times.

Just go 4x after pressing radio alpha.

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