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- Possibility for epinephrine to 'fail' sometimes, if someone is too far wounded
- Possibility for bandages to do less 'blood stopping', based on skill of person applying
- Some sort of 'personal examine' option that lets a player get a written description of how they are. Like examing someone else, except for yourself. So you can see that you're "bleeding heavily and don't have much time", for example.
- CPR (I believe the animations are in A2 already). If someone goes into cardiac arrest, having a player perform CPR on them constantly will keep them "alive" for another 5-10 mins. In this period, epi can be applied successfully, for one example.
- Load wounded & dead into vehicles. I forget which parts of this are possible/not possible in A1, don't know what has changed in A2, but it would be nice overall.

- "Interact with Person" menu. When selected, this would bring up a dialog that has the common options - ie, check dogtags, examine, drag, etc. Kind of like a radial menu of sorts. Would be very cool to make it possible to bind this to a key, and have it do a proximity check around the player when pressed, and then activate on the nearest person or whatever.
- "Take weapon" option, hopefully in the "Interact with Person" menu. This would let you immediately take their weapon and place it on your back, without having to do the funky stuff you must do currently to "disarm" a downed person.
- "Search and disarm" option. Would take all weapons (grenades, satchels, pistols, rifles, etc) if possible from a person. If alive, the person would have to "consent to search" to prevent griefing or somesuch. This could be neat but of course it's not a priority.
- "Destroy item" option. Could be used on weapons - idea is to render the weapon inert. In reality if you capture enemy weapons, you will often take their critical components out or break them or do whatever necessary to keep the enemy from using them again.
- Some method to pass ammo or items to someone without having to drop it on the ground. That's ghetto as fuck. :( Perhaps a dialog of sorts.

Crew-served weapons:
- Overhaul to attempt to correct the bugs that currently exist, and significantly streamline the processes involved
- Ability to move a deployed crew-served weapon provided that 2 people are within x-many meters of it while moving it.

More general:
- Different NVG types via postProcessing
- Weapon-mounted flashlights. Proof of concept exists.
- "Shoot from vehicle" system. Has been proof-of-concepted to some degree
- Method to allow a person to 'crouch' in a turret of a vehicle. Should be possible with attachTo. ie, you can be standing fully upright, crouching behind the weapon, or fully concealed.

Related issues

related to A.C.E. for OA - Feature #4203: Wounding/Body armor system Expired 09/01/2009


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No one, anything? :)

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Lots of it already implemented.

Except the medical stuff.

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