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stars too bright

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In real night, even in the better conditions, I can't see such bright stars. With NVG, I think of a Van Gogh painting through NVG.

I don't demand a sky different function of the ambient light (but if coded it's really cool). But a more realistic night sky will be good.

SS-2009.11.06-23.55.10.jpg - Stars as viewed through ArmA II NVG (162.2 kB) Fireball, 11/06/2009 22:59

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Updated by luckyhendrix over 7 years ago

in fact, when looking true NVG IRL star do look like this. and the amount of stars visible depends of the proximity of bright point like town

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How about a screenshot?

Updated by Fireball about 7 years ago

Stars through real NVG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAztoilLlCA

Attached a screenshot how the stars look like through the A2 NVG.

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Updated by PostaL about 7 years ago

Hmm i think the brightness of the stars in nightvision is a bit to overdone. I like the normal night stars but with nightvision they get to big. They wont show up that bright in some reallife videos i watched on youtube.

I also think, but thats just my opinion, that the nightvision in general is a bit overbright.

Updated by kju about 7 years ago

I just played Harvest Red, first mission and noticed when viewing the stars with NVG, they are not oversized golf balls anymore... does anyone noticed it?

Can someone confirm that?

Updated by PostaL about 7 years ago

Still the same for me(latest beta). Also in the harvest red mission. Guess some people have other definition of oversized.
But the brightness differs in certain spots in the harvest red mission, also the case in general. I explain:
When you look at the sky in the direction where the sun is rising at dusk where the stars are mixed with a little bit of dusk daylight they show up smaller on nightvision. Some are still big
but a lot are a lot smaller.
When you look at the dark sky without dusk they are big balls again. Also in a town with streetlights the stars get smaller.

In a dark area without other lightsources I think they're still to big. And I dont think something changed in the latest beta.

Updated by kju about 7 years ago

Thanks PostaL!

For one there is a big different, if you look "into the stars"
or look into one in the very center.

The last will trigger the HDR effect and make them bigger from
my experience.

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Still valid in 1.07 / OA?

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Fixed in OA to my observation.

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