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trails and tracking

Added by kuraisu about 5 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

Status:New Start date:05/26/2012
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Players should leave trails of their path like footprints, broken branches (ex.: change bush sprite for 30 mins), stamped grass (same as with branches), blood drops on the ground when bleeding, bandage packaging after bandaging, etc.
All ground vehicles should also leave tire trails and posibly gas leaked from gas tank.

All this trails should be quite subtle, so you should know what you're looking for in order to succeed.

Rain should remove most of this trails.


So, if you were killed, your friends just got to pick that trail and bring their revenge to your offender.


Updated by unspankable about 5 years ago

Something like this would be very cool and hard to implement.

Updated by kuraisu about 5 years ago

Some of those could be even imposible to implement without proper engine support, but sometime in Arma 3 maybe..

Updated by kuraisu about 5 years ago

Also it would be great if after a shot, there would be a bullet casing on the floor for like 20-30 min. Quite an awesome element for the game. =)

Updated by Mikhail almost 6 years ago

Good idea, apart from cloggin a server down with keeping thousands of trails online and (which is most terrific) multiplayer synchronized. I think this feature is almost impossible in this engine.

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