Bug #31868 Item & Vehicle menu issue

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If you're interacted with an item which has SAVE option.
Occasionally you will get the SAVE option to be permanently in your scroll wheel menu even if you arent anywhere near the item/vehicle.

For example SAVE UAZ was showing even though I had traveled 30min away from the vehicle. Only fix is to relogin.

This makes it impossible to interact with items and vehicles which requires new options such as repair, refuel, refill and so forth.
Additionally no repair options display on vehicles after the update to the new inventory interaction system even if your repair item is in your backpack.


Updated by zsawyer about 5 years ago

Yes its annoying. Happens on savable vehicles too - this error pops up first time when looking at the object with the save option:

Error in expression <f "TentStorage" and _canDo and _ownerID dayz_characterID) then {
if ((s_playe>
Error position: < dayz_characterID) then {
if ((s_playe>
Error Generic error in expression
File z\addons\dayz_code\compile\fn_selfActions.sqf, line 172

Updated by rocket about 5 years ago

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Fixed in 1.5.9

Updated by rocket about 5 years ago

By the way, outstanding bug report. Your error message made it very easy to fix.

Updated by rocket about 5 years ago

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