Feature #31704

Firewood with allowed areas (like "refill canteen")

Added by statistx about 5 years ago.

Status:New Start date:05/22/2012
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Since there is a big discussion about realistic features and how it is not logical that you can't find any firewood near trees, in woods or just take them from the modelled stacks of logs lying around, i thought about the following solution, with a function that is allready in the game:

IF it is planned to make wood available in forests, then maybe it could be done like the water refill feature.

It's the same with the waterbottle:

Areacheck: IF Player is near a water source
Itemcheck: IF Player has an empty bottle
Both TRUE, then refill water function is available.

So translated to making fire:

Areacheck: IF Player is in an area where wood seems logical. (Near woodstacks, near a tree, near a pile of wooden rubble, in the forest)
Itemcheck: IF Player has matches.
Both TRUE, then "Make Fire" is available.

Optional you can still spawn random wood in lootstacks, so you can also collect it to make fire where such an area is not available.

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