Bug #31441

Helicopter fuel leaks cannot be fixed

Added by Sa-Matra about 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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Helicopter fuel leaks cannot be fixed. We tried everything possible, repaired everything to 100%, even windows. Tried to blow helicopter up and wait for it to respawn on next server restart, didn't help as well. Something needs to be done about it.


Updated by brad about 5 years ago

my group also heavily relies on helicopters, we know where they spawn and the best place to find parts to fix them so we usually have some helis hidden on multiple severs, however recently we have encountered the same bug where the fuel leaks and it has ruin some of our operations in certain severs. right now for instance we have 2 helicopters that have their fuel leaking and they cant be flown. as such this is a major problem for us and it sounds like you as well.
in one sever for instance we came across another group of survivors with a helicopter and we were really hoping to try and steal or fight them in an ariel battle over chenarus. but our heli loses fuel since one of our members stupidly flew it when he had no business doing so and messed up the landing and ever since no matter how many times we repair it it loses fuel and cant be flown.

Updated by Crow almost 5 years ago

Found a chopper today. Fixed it up. All green. Still fuel leak. Version 1.7.0 ... beta is 93415.
Can we plz get a fix for that. It is really annoying.

Updated by Beginner almost 5 years ago

Still in 1.7.0 (beta 93598).

Updated by Alienfreak almost 5 years ago

I guess it will be in until we get to use Fuel Tank parts on our Choppers :)

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