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No zeroing at DMR & SVD in OA and CO

Added by Val about 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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In Operation Arrowhead and Combined Operations SVD and DMR don`t have zeroing. It would be good to add this feature (especially if we count these rifles as designated marksman`s/sharpshooter`s).


Updated by AJackson92 about 5 years ago

SVD already tells you a ranges on the scope you just need a spotter, for the DMR each dot is 200m, so like 200,go down a dot, 400, for a DMR also requires a spotter. Case closed.

Updated by zGuba about 5 years ago

IRL SVD's PSO-1 sight can be adjusted for ranges 100-1000 meters with a step of 100 meters, and chevrons ( ^ marks ) allow to place shoots roughly at 1100, 1200 and 1300 meters when range is set to 1000 meters.

No idea about DMR's optics but it also seems to be adjustable mildot one.

Updated by Val about 5 years ago

I think any DMR`s optics that USMC would use will be adjustable.
And zGuba is right about SVD. IRL PSO-1 sight can be adjusted for ranges 100-1000 meters.
So adjustment like the M24/M110 have is a good option for both DMR and SVD.

Updated by cyrilator about 5 years ago

M14 DMR is usually used with Leupold scopes like the 3.5-10x40mm LR/T M3


- Low-profile, finger-adjustable ½-MOA windage and 1-MOA elevation adjustments with audible, tactile clicks.

- up to 65-MOA each of windage and elevation adjustment.

ACE mod already offers this feature.

Updated by Val about 5 years ago

ACE is a mod it means that not everyone uses it (for example if I want to play on some public server without mods I would like DMR and SVD to have sight adjustment).
So why not add this feature in one of the patches?

Updated by kOepi about 5 years ago

because not everybody can have his own arma.
thats why the realistic loving people come together in A.C.E. Mod.

Imagine all the A.C.E. people would request the 5000 changes that A.C.E. Mod already gives for Arma 2 CO.

Updated by Val about 5 years ago

It`s not only about realism. I`m talking about a gameplay feature that is enabled for one weapons in game but for some reason forgotten for others. Anyway, if zeroing will be added in OA and CO nobody will lose because of it.

Updated by Fireball about 5 years ago

It's the problem with all A2 weapons - they won't be brought up to speed with OA, most likely.

Updated by kju almost 5 years ago

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