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Javelin class name confuse and CLU adding with Javelin

Added by animalshadow about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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When you're using this addweapon "Javelin", besides Javelin unit receives CLU.
So there's no options to add only Javelin tube without CLU(Can't say that this removeWeapon "ACE_Javelin_CLU" works, just didn't check it...but anyway that's weird solution).
ACE_Javelin_Direct class according to it's class name, should have only DIR option, but it's locked on TOP option.


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Can't suite everyone, some demanded having a CLU when given a Javelin to remain backwards compatible some don't. Use scripting to remove the CLU if unwanted.
If CLU is unwanted, drop it or deposit in box.

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