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Not having perfect sync of zone status shown in the UI

Added by kju almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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Unless you drop the artificial help in general, at least
there should be a random delay of 5 to 15 seconds of the actual
status of defenders and attackers inside a zone.

Right now people rely very much on this very accurate information
to track units instead of having to use their own eyes and teamplay.


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The whole idea of AAS really is that you do have this information accurate and readily available... this feeds heavily into the creation of tactics and strategy.


Updated by kju almost 8 years ago

Strategy and tactics - the exact numbers at the exact point of time?

Of course the rough estimates, like
  • no one in there
  • low
  • middle
  • many
  • someone enters
  • equal numbers
  • loosing
  • recapping

are important for the said two.

The exact numbers and exact time of entry are only to help both
sides at the given moment to adjust their way of behavior.

Updated by CoolBox-SBS- almost 8 years ago

Lol, you're fighting a losing battle here kju -- trying to improve upon AAS rather than just implement it. I admire your persistence, but fiddling with the core game mechanics sends a shiver down a lot of people's spines who have played it for years and years according to one method. There is this instinctive desire to make it "just like that other game we enjoyed".

You try going into a football game and convincing them that it would be more fun if they had 12 players a side, a few obstacles on the pitch as well, or something.

I'm not saying youre wrong, just that you'll have a hard time arguing the case for this sort of CR to some (not entirely rational) people, like me, indeed. Best left for a fork from the code base.

Updated by kju almost 8 years ago

Hehe. It is a two way approach here.

As I have completed my other projects almost, I will finally start digging into the AAS code
myself, adapt the mission for our server and share the changes to the community in case any
one else likes those.

You are a very skilled programmer CoolBox. Even more it is rare to see a mission maker also
have a very good idea of gameplay. So kudos and respect to you once again!

So for now I am giving feedback to the base version and in the AGW league, and see how
much you and the other people like of it. :)

The tricky part is to suite all sorts, league play vs public, casual vs pros. OFP old school
vs former JO players.

My perspective is mainly about public, high level play from the experience as a long time
OFP player. You can already see the difference in the AGW league quite clearly. Once the
other pro players and teams, mainly German and Russian teams, start to play AAS, in leagues?,
one will see a (very) different way of people playing the missions.
This is my main horizon and to prepare new players to this way and level of play. :)

Updated by CoolBox-SBS- almost 8 years ago

Yeah tricky stuff indeed.

So back in 2002 or so (way before I joined in 2005), SBS was a "pro" squad. I dont actually mean we played for money and got sponsorship, but I mean that we played in leagues / tournaments and more than once game top of a league. But the number of online gamers has risen so incredibly since 2002 that its far far harder to maintain that position on the top of the pile, and ultimately, once the field opened out, we just weren't good enough to stay at the top.

Out of interest, is there actually a real professional scene for OFP/Arma/Arma2 with money and sponsorship and prizes for tournaments etc? I'm often very suprised by how trashy the games played in sponsored pro leagues are, for instance the ones sponsored by nvidia used to play games like "Painkiller" which AFAIK is a totally trashy shootemup.


Updated by kju almost 8 years ago

Well pro in the sense of this community.

That is the benefit here that with far less people playing, there is not that
fierce competition as if you were playing q3, CSS or CoD.

Due to the low size money is no topic either.

The better squads play in the ESL.

German cup: http://www.esl.eu/de/arma2/5on5plus/opening_cup/
German ladder: http://www.esl.eu/de/arma2/5on5plus/ladder/ (just stated and autokick removed most teams)
EU cup: http://www.esl.eu/eu/arma2/5on5plus/arma2_opening_cup/database/members/*/
EU ladder: http://www.esl.eu/eu/arma2/5on5plus/ladder/

In Germany a2 had a pretty bad release and bad test results in the mags..
The EU ladder looks very strong and competitive though!

Updated by CoolBox-SBS- almost 8 years ago

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Ty for the info and links, kju, very interesting.

Gonna close this feature request as rejected. I think ultimately this is a feature for your own code branch, kju.


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