Feature #30773

Random equipment at start (spawn)

Added by Sa-Matra about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

Status:New Start date:04/29/2012
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I suggest to give player random equipment when they start. The basic thing that in my opinion should be random are pistols:
1) Revolver + 3 drums
2) M1911 \ M9 + 5 clips
3) Makarov + 6 clips

Going further I would suggest to give players random starting backpacks:
1) Patrol Pack (coyote) + no change
2) Czech Vouch Pack (has less slots than current default one) + Few additional items (Smoke grenade, Some food item for example)

Going even further add a random option to have no starting backpack at all but give player some primary weapon with little ammuntion - Enfield, MP5 or Winchester


Updated by ut3n1 about 5 years ago

About guns:
All people will start suicide and than respawn before getting good gun.
Maybe afterr adding new weak gun. Maybe pneumatics.
Abut backpacks:
Big pluss.

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