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Food should satisfy thirst a little bit as well as drinks should satisfy hunger

Added by Sa-Matra about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Topic says it all. My suggestion is that food should satisfy thirst a little bit as well as drinks should satisfy hunger, but only very little amount.


Updated by DemonFiren about 5 years ago

I'd like to elaborate:

Obviously not all food can decrease thirst - anything salty is a perfect example. Generally, whatever you eat (unless it's some kind of soup) will make you somewhat more thirsty.

Drinks, however, as long as they contain enough sugar, will temporarily alleviate hunger side effects, as I've experienced in real life.

Updated by Mikhail about 5 years ago

I agree with DemonFiren. Sometimes people mix up hunger and thirst. So there is a method to check it. If you feel hungry, drink some water and if hunger is decreased - then you wasn't really hungry. But if water is not helping and you're still hugry, then youre truly hungry :)
I think that in this DayZ case water must fulfil only thirst, food must fulfil only hunger.

As a side idea...

In terms of DayZ we must speak of hunger and thirst as dehydration and, well, don't know the word, the "defoodation" :) So your red bottle tells you not that you're thirsty. People don't die of plain thirst. They die of dehydration. Same for food.
As a side effect the feeling of thirst and dehydration can be separated. Thirst impacts the overall feeling, hands shaking, stamina or fatigue. You drink and feel better. But you die of dehydration far more lately (let's check official sources to know how long can person survive without water). As for food, same goes here. Plain hunger feeling spoils your mood, weakens you, but you'll die far later. I remember someone saying man can live for a week without food.

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