Feature #30650

Booby traps for tents

Added by baskerville about 5 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Currently it's way too easy to see and steal everything from a tent. Owners should be able to place some kind of trap to persuade would be theives to leave them alone.

Maybe have a method to disarm said booby traps but make it quite difficult.


Updated by Cuel about 5 years ago

Or you could pitch the tent in a safe spot.

Updated by Syrinx69 about 5 years ago

Cuel wrote:

Or you could pitch the tent in a safe spot.

There are no safe spots, especially when it will only let you put the tent in open fields.

Updated by Fusion about 5 years ago

True, there are no safe spots so long as the flat/object code is so strict. I would like to see tents in forests and on some slopes ( but nothing stupid like on rocks or under water :) )

Updated by daimyo21 almost 5 years ago

This still needs to be addressed. No severe booby traps, ones like bear traps, perimeter alarms etc. Basically ones that break your leg and make you bleed, and can be disarmed but are hard to notice. Also the ability to place brush to cover tents and traps alike would be a nice addition.

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