Bug #30647

Pre Placed Vehicles Causing Script Error for CreateVehicle Placement

Added by mattchicago about 5 years ago.

Status:New Start date:04/24/2012
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Affected ArmA II version: BIForumURL:


Hey Craig,

I sent you a email but here is another bug for you.
So also so you know i turned it into a life server as well with a RPG feel to it, you should come check it out do a search for chicago in filter and you will see [chicagomusicpromotions.com] for one of the server listings come hang out.

UnExpected call of CreateVehicle for 'Logic', pos(0.000000.
2,0.384707.2,0.000000.2). Vehicles with brain cannot be created using 'createVehicle'!

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