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Basic investigation of dead bodies

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A small suggestion that I thought would be neat and could enhance the PvP aspect: Investigating dead bodies. Investigating any dead body will show circumstances surrounding its death, (albiet limited information because players are not a forensic medical examiner). The messages could be:
"the body is still warm" - died in the last 30 minutes
"the body is cold" died between 30 minutes to 24 hours ago
"the body is starting to rot" (1 day to ? days)
"the body has nearly rotted away" (? days to body deletion age)
If the body has not yet started to rot, the cause of death could be hinted at:
"the body shows signs of bites and scratches" if the player had been attacked by zombies within 4 hours of dying
"the body has a bullet wound" if the player had been shot within 4 hours of dying
"the wound is untreated" if the player died of blood loss.
All of the CoD indicators could be active at the same time if all the conditions apply. After all, players are not forensic investigators!

Imagine coming across a body and inspecting it only to discover that the player was shot and the body is still warm, implying the killer is still about!


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This is an excellent idea.

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