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3rd Person Animation for Aiming (right mouse-button), or "Make aiming be visible to others"

Added by mr.g-c about 5 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Suggestion: Hello Bis, i saw you are at improving animations largely for ArmA3 which is extremely welcome of course. However i bet you still missed one little and probably easy to do animation, which adds another realistic factor to the units in ArmA3. Here it is: Make the actual aiming (the actual looking through sights of any type) be visible to other by adding a 3rd-person animation for that - just like in RL ;-)
This was suggested by me already back in 2008 for ArmA1/ArmA2: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?67108-See-when-someone-looks-through-scopes-ironsigts&highlight=ironsights

Current Situation:
- You are normally standing with your M16 pressed to your shoulder, you look straight ahead and can do freelook.
- Other Players from outside see you just doing that. Having your M16 pressed to your shoulder but your head looks straight ahead. Everything correct!

- You are standing and currently at aiming by having pressed the default right mouse button once (or even hold it to hold your breath). You see a quick transition where your camera viewpoint is floating from "left to right" to your weapons sights. This probably should simulate a "head leaning".
- Other Players from outside see you still looking normally straight ahead and NOT see you looking through your sights. Completely wrong

Proposed Situation:

Simply Change point "2.".
Add an animation which could be as simple as a 30° head tilt to the right when using weapons of "Rifle" type. For Pistols something should be added too.
Concern is of course the AI, but it is annoying anyway to ofter see them shooting targeted shots at the enemy, while magically still looking around during shooting. It looks like they wouldn't even aim, but still hitting magically good.
This kills immersion for me. AI needs to do actual "aiming" to. It should be introduced for them.
Aiming (with the suggested animation visible from outside) whenever they scan the horizon for lost track of enemy, or trying to find an enemy, and of course shortly before and while they are firing at enemies.

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