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This is still a problem

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Tonic's a dickhead. Now he's wiping anything I post along with my account.

This doesn't remove the problem of him being an asshole. It's his court of law and he's the judge, jury, and executioner. I will repost the original since he deleted it, because the world must know what a douchebag he is.

Yes, I'm still banned, and yes, I'm still angry about it.

Here's what warranted my ban (at least what I can tell, since I was never warned or told ahead of time):
I simply stated on global chat, in response to "can tonic cheat?", that yes he can if he wants to, like the day prior when tonic got revenge on me and used teleport and spawning cheats. Bam, instantly (and permanently, as far as I know) banned without warning not a minute later, clearly just for telling people that yes, tonic has used his admin powers in dubious ways.

Here's the scoop, in case you think I was just out to make shit up and slander him for some reason:

I had followed him halfway across the map after he had (somehow) gotten to the gear cache within 30 seconds of it spawning and made off with it. When he got out of his vehicle, I killed him. I drove off in his MTVR and not a minute later did he appear 50 meters in front of me, opening up with a MG. I stayed behind the MTVR as cover, and after a shit ton of MG fire that clearly was taking too long to kill me (and endangered the cache), tonic magically (and instantly) appeared to my 3 o'clock flank and finished me off.

The moral of the story is, when you catch tonic cheating, don't fuck with him, and especially don't tell anyone about it. It's like prison: you might get buttraped, but if you tell anyone about it you'll get shanked.

At any rate, the fact that he uses spawning and stuff during play shouldn't be new to anyone, nor is it too terrible I suppose. However, he interrupted gameplay, punished me for playing the game properly, then banned me for illuminating this fact to everyone. Well, fuck you tonic, I'm going to make damn sure everyone knows you're a cheater and a douchebag, since you clearly don't want this public. Suck my dick.

In b4 whiskey brings on the apologist monologue, that it's his server, yada yada. My point is, I know he can just randomly ban people, spawn shit, etc. I simply want people to know that, while attempting to create a mod with good gameplay, he's a complete prick in the way he treats the server. Know this when you play on his server.

Have a good day.


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Dunno if this is so much a bug as much as a feature.

I sent Genitals an email, on my thoughts, which included an apologist monolouge. I won't repost it here. Dunno if his email address was good or no.

I'd at least think two people that have a a problem with game play could keep it separate from development. But since someone (genitals) brought it up...

Genital's pride was hurt, for being banned. But for whatever reason an Admin has (or Host), did it. One way of remaining banned is a public attack, regardless of how much it bothers you.

Deal with things one-on-one. Tonic had a reason, and he hasn't made it public. Usually, he just kicks... and only bans when someone script spawns, teleports, hacks or attempts to hack. Just because he allows himself to do it, doesn't mean anyone else can or should. Yeah, it screws with gameplay, but <apologist monolouge begins> it's his house, his rules. Same as any other server <apologist monolouge ends>.

Mostly, he's fair, even when he's out of control. Mostly, his intent is all in good fun. Shug and deal with it, or go somewhere else. Personal attacks, though, won't change anything.

Anyhow, this wasn't the forum, or place, for this.

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