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Change zombie 'knock unconcious' feature

Added by kerckasha about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Right now zombies have the ability to knock human players unconscious when hitting them. When this happens the player falls over unable to do anything while an hour glass counts down, which seems to be a random time that can be anywhere from 5 seconds to over a minute or two. This feature is fine generally but the fact that it's a random chance is a bit unfair, even in a brutal game like this one. Something that can easily be the end of a player shouldn't be based on random chance so I propose a couple ideas that might be a better implementation.

1) Based on amount of blood. Lower blood, high chance that it occurs. If you're perfectly healthy there's no chance of being knocked down.
2) Based on how many times you've been hit by a zombie - so if several zombies are laying into you after a certain point you'll be knocked down.

I know the feature is there to make it so travelling by yourself is dangerous but to die to mere random chance is a bit dull.


Updated by Cuel about 5 years ago

From what I've heard it's supposed to be based on 6000 blood or lower. I've checked the code quickly and I couldn't find this tho. I've had it happen when I was full on blood and thirst/hunger.
It's very annoying since you can die due to randomness.

Updated by Morbo5131 about 5 years ago

Cuel wrote:

It's very annoying since you can die due to randomness.

Agreed. My 24h life ended due to this and I was at 12k blood.

Updated by Freeborne about 5 years ago

Yes, happened a few times to me when I was on full health, or above 10,000. I've died this way several times, often to just one or two 'lucky' zombies who then fed on me and killed me before I regained consciousness. They even charge me and knock me out even though I shoot them as it often takes a second before they die.

  1. Only get knocked out when blood is low (maybe it's bugged and is meant to be 6000?).
  2. Add combat helmets (like the soldiers wear) as loot, that prevents being KO'ed.
  3. Reduce max time of the blackout, as a long blackout is enough time for a single zombie to kill you.

Updated by Cuel about 5 years ago

I don't think the knockouts from zombies should be any longer than 10 seconds. However this ruins the use of epi-pens.

How about redesigning it so, non-headshots from players will knock you out for a longer time, say 1-2 mins, so that you can still be saved by your friends? Example: Your friend gets shot and gets knocked out. You throw a smoke and crawl up to him to try and save him.
Or, making the knockout time based upon on blood level. You should still only be able to be knocked out when below a certain level, say 8000 to 6000 and lower.

Updated by Oktyabr about 5 years ago

I'd like to see "unconscious" be less likely if everything is close to green including blood, water and food. If water and/or food is in the red then maybe make it more likely, even if you have full blood? This would also make a purpose for more regular food and drink. As it stands now you risk nothing by waiting until food and water are flashing red before using either one of them. A higher chance of being knocked unconscious because you are "weak" from skimping on food and water might encourage people to consume them more often.

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