Bug #30604

BUG Not all Civilians attacked by AI; Civilians able to move construction objects

Added by mawendt about 5 years ago.

Status:New Start date:04/22/2012
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It seems that at least some, if not all, civilians can do a side mission and not be engaged by the AI defending the side mission goal (Fuel truck, helicopter, abandonded base) - they simply rol in, load up, and roll out. I've watched them being ignored by the defending AI that engages blue and opfor... maybe its the civs that have been moved to independant....?

The way to fix this is a quick script that triggers an attack if any nearby player or ai is not in their group - basically a player initiated that triggers when player <500m and <> in ai group...?

Also, on at least two occaisions the supposedly locked down barrier were moved by civilians, again, possibly those in a rouge status.

I'm thinking the whole rouge thing (primarily to restrict comms)can revert to any side (blufor, opfor, civilian, and independant) once groupings can be established - and a quick script that isolates andy non-ai group member as an enemy for eveything else.

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