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Increase player cap on NZ/AU server, or possibly sever #2

Added by jnzl about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Would it be possible to increase cap on nz server to say 35-40? or is a au based server in the works?

The new servers really haven't made a impact on the server almost constantly sitting on 27/27

This may give more people the opportunity to try out the mod, and current players not having to sit,join/refresh and hope for the best.


Updated by Freeborne about 5 years ago

More slots for NZ would be great.

Another option would be to use a Ping Limit kicker, to reduce the number of players with 250+ms pings, and allow more local players on the server.

I get 40ms on NZ server, 210ms on the US server, and 350ms on EU, so the NZ server is really the only server I should be playing on. Even with 10+ players on both EU and US servers, there were players on NZ last night with 250-350ms pings. I had to wait 20 minutes to join last night, and whenever someone left a new person joined within 5 seconds!

Limit players to AU/NZ and there will also be less senseless PvP. Every other server has experienced the same thing. Majority of griefers and hackers always come from overseas, because even these people are smart enough not to do these things in their own backyards. Many AU/NZ players know each other, so there is going to be more team-work and forming groups if we have more local players which many of us will know from other servers.

Updated by Mindless about 5 years ago

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This is something we're very keen on trying to do - Watch out soon

Updated by Freeborne about 5 years ago

AU/NZ server REALLY needs a ping limit please. About 220ms should do it.

The game is really ruined when you're role-playing seriously for two hours, and then a sniper gets you from the pitch darkness, where he's been hiding all game doing nothing but death-matching.

The 100 slot server for AUS is great, but it can't handle the bandwidth. It's 10:30AM now, and there is 58 players in the server. 21 of those players have pings over 250ms, and another 5 or so with pings 200-250ms. At least 10 players have pings over 330ms!

Please, put in a ping limit kicker to get these people out of the server, as a lot of them just come here to death-match. Even those that are not deathmatching are just lagging the server by chewing through the bandwidth that the server can't handle.

So, we STILL don't have a reliable server to play on for us Aussies and Kiwis. The slot cap has increased which is great, but for every Aussie/Kiwi we get we get a foreign player with high pings and suspicious activity. Good way to ruin a game IMHO.

Updated by SkyMonster about 5 years ago

Everything Freeborne has said regarding this issue is correct, and is often murmured by many other NZ/Aus players. Often met with rather rude and arrogant responses by those players with >250ms latency.

Updated by t3rminalvel0city about 5 years ago

You guys need to remember that we need to get on to those servers, and some of us are based in europe or the states.

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