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Random camps/outposts

Added by Spearhead about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Just an idea, maybe keep the abandoned base sidemission, but there are alot of woods throughout Chernarus, and most of those have open fields. maybe place camps or bases depending on the size of the open field don't make this a side mission but rather things you can take advantage of, and also put maybe 2-3 AI around a small camp and however many you think would be good around a base, either way I'd like to help out with that either choosing the locations or building them. But this would add alot more motivation for others to explore the woods and what not.


Updated by mawendt about 5 years ago

I concur. This had been mentioned in a couple of other issue notes.

It would probably be best that bases spawn at start, with AI, rather tha pop up as a side mission, since bases are static. It may also encourage players to take over, rather than just raid a base.

AI size should probably be like the players common raiding party - six to nine mixed veteran sniper/machine gun/main battle rifle guys supported by one or two gun trucks. Viola! instant chalenge. Maybe even set a timer that randomly adds a guy or small group every game hour, so it gets tougher as time goes on....

Updated by Tonic-_- about 5 years ago

Will be considered, has been on my mind recently.

Updated by mawendt about 5 years ago

OK - the addition of the AI bases has added to the fun - now randomize the types and locations, maybe by using the abandoned base side mission script.

The Chenarus map can probably handle random 1 to 3 AI full bases; insure they are spread out by putting an inturrupt in the spawn code that nakes sure the random location IS NOT within 3k of an existing spawned AI base. These would be different from the ad-hoc raider bases suggested.

Beef up the defences to 9 to 12 AI defenders and random 1 to 4 teams of 3 to 4 AI on patrol around the base, up to 1000m, that engage players/seacrch for them. Maybe add random 0 to 3 AI raiders up to a limit of 24 for each 15 real-time game minutes to keep players on their toes. When base is 'secured' by players killing all AI, and being within 50 of base center, they no longer spawn.

Eliminate from side missions; maybe spawn a dead raider body in a random town that provides a map location to the person who searched the body.

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