Bug #30443

Getting knocked uncouncious will sometimes lower your in-game sound volume

Added by Cuel over 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Happened to me a few minutes ago. Got knocked down* and after I woke up and bandaged myself I had a very low in-game sound. Had to restart.

*even tho I had 12000 blood? is this intended? and if it is, why? that will very likely got a lot of people killed


Updated by Cuel over 5 years ago

Happened again. This time with 11000 blood

Updated by KungFuCharlie about 5 years ago

I've noticed this bug as well... had to crank my speakers up and eventually relog even after a blood transfusion to fix it.

I've also noticed changes in vision color saturation and distance as well. Got hit, blood level was still > 10,500, and yet the graphics were washed out and had weird characteristics to them. As soon as I received a blood transfusion the graphics went back to normal though unlike the case of the sound. Note that I've had the graphics issue separate from the sound volume issue... in some cases sound was fine but visuals were not.

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