Bug #30435

Loot stashes floating

Added by Perry about 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

Status:Expired Start date:04/17/2012
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seen on EU2 server @ ~18:00 GMT+1

While strolling through a town, I found two loot stashes which were floating ~2m above the ground. Even while standing directly below them, I was unable to interact with the stash. I was with a group, and the two other players saw the stashes floating in the air as well. I don't know which town it was, since I lacked a map, but I spawned at a harbour area at the beach, and the little town was rather close to it.
My group moved on and found normal, usable stashes later, so the bug doesn't seem to stick with all stashes.

See attached screenshots.

Float1.jpg - Screenshot of one of the stashes (519.6 kB) Perry, 04/17/2012 16:25

Float2.jpg - Another screenie of the stash (232.1 kB) Perry, 04/17/2012 16:25


Updated by Perry about 5 years ago

Correction: The loot stashes are floating 3-4m above the ground, not 2m. But you can see it in the screenshots anyway.

Updated by Telson about 5 years ago

Confirmed, I also noticed this, I am prety sure (95%) I was in the Port of Kamenka ( SW of map ) God Bless Bi for supplying me with a paper map when I preorderd Arma2 lol.

Updated by rocket almost 5 years ago

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Updated by vinss almost 5 years ago

I think i know what it is. I saw i t many times. YOu can not reach loot, just once i managed to reach backpack that spawn floating.
It is the DOGHOUSE loot. Happens on any doghouse anywhere o the map.
You can see also on first screenshot that there is doghouse behind the fence.
Loot spawns 1,5 meters away and 2+ meters abowe doghouses.

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