Bug #30383

Possible errors introduced since new CBA/ACE work

Added by Jedra about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Hi Robalo,

I loaded up ASR today after all the recent updates to ACE and CBA for Take On Helicopters rearmed. I have started to get script errors on mission start...

== I:\mods\Arma\expansion\beta\arma2oa.exe
== "I:\mods\Arma\expansion\beta\arma2oa.exe" -nosplash -skipintro -nofilepatching -showscripterrors "-malloc=tbb4malloc_bi" "-world=empty" "-name=Jedra" "-mod=e:\games\steamapps\common\arma 2;expansion;i:\mods\arma\expansion\beta;i:\mods\arma\expansion\beta\expansion;i:\mods\arma\@CBA_OA;i:\mods\arma\@CBA_A2;i:\mods\arma\@CBA;i:\mods\arma\@ACE;i:\mods\arma\@ACEX;i:\mods\arma\@ACEX_SM;i:\mods\arma\@ASR;i:\mods\arma\@JSRS;i:\mods\arma\@ACEX_USNavy;i:\mods\arma\@ACEX_RU" 
Exe timestamp: 2012/03/31 12:36:37
Current time:  2012/04/16 17:15:56

Version 1.60.91138
Updating base class RscIGUIListBox->RscListBox, by x\cba\addons\ui_helper\config.bin/RscDisplayMultiplayer/Controls/CA_ValueSessions/
Updating base class EnvSounds->CfgEnvSounds, by jsrs_environment_c\config.cpp/CfgWorlds/Takistan/EnvSounds/
Updating base class EnvSounds->CfgEnvSounds, by jsrs_environment_c\config.cpp/CfgWorlds/Zargabad/EnvSounds/
Updating base class SCAR_H_Single->SCAR_H_SD_Single, by x\acex_sm\addons\c_sound_wep_rifle\config.bin/CfgWeapons/SCAR_H_STD_TWS_SD/SCAR_H_SD_Single/
Updating base class SCAR_H_FullAuto->SCAR_H_SD_FullAuto, by x\acex_sm\addons\c_sound_wep_rifle\config.bin/CfgWeapons/SCAR_H_STD_TWS_SD/SCAR_H_SD_FullAuto/
Updating base class Mode_Burst->Burst, by x\ace\addons\c_ai_rof\config.bin/CfgWeapons/M4A1/Burst/
Updating base class MainTurret->MainTurret, by x\ace\addons\c_vehicle\config.bin/CfgVehicles/BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_D/Turrets/M2_Turret/
Updating base class MainTurret->MainTurret, by x\ace\addons\c_vehicle\config.bin/CfgVehicles/BAF_Jackal2_GMG_D/Turrets/GMG_Turret/
[9000,115.546,0,"XEH: PreInit Started. v1.0.0.179. MISSINIT: missionName=, worldName=Takistan, isMultiplayer=false, isServer=true, isDedicated=false"]
[9000,122.509,0,"XEH: PreInit Finished. CACHE DISABLED? (Disable caching with cba_disable_cache.pbo): SLX_XEH_RECOMPILE=false, CBA_COMPILE_RECOMPILE=false, CBA_FUNC_RECOMPILE=false"]
[9332,133.881,0,"XEH: PostInit Started"]
[9332,133.992,0,"CBA_VERSIONING: cba=, cba_a2=, cba_oa=, ace=, acex=, acex_ru=, acex_usnavy=, "]
[9332,134.508,0,"XEH: PostInit Finished. State: _isClient=true, _isJip=false, _isDedClient=false, _isServer=true, _isDedServer=false, _playerCheckDone=true, _sp=true, _startInitDone=true, _postInitDone=true, _mpRespawn=false, _machineType=1, _sessionId=1, _level=0, _timeOut=false, _game=1, BIS_functions=L 1-1-A:1, group=L 1-1-A, player=B 1-1-A:1 (Jedra), _playerType="CZ_Soldier_SL_DES_EP1", _playerGroup=B 1-1-A"]
Error in expression <{};

ace_sys_aitalk_radio_enabled = ;

  Error position: <= ;

  Error Generic error in expression
File x\asr\addons\sys_automodules\fnc_globalScript.sqf, line 53

I am launching via Six Updater and it's a normal CO ACE session (i.e. not Takeon Rearmed!).


Updated by Jedra about 5 years ago

Sorry, should have put some repro steps.

1. Launch Arma 2 from sixupdater. Mods were as per my rpt above. Damn, just noticed JSRS was in there - it does the same thing without it, and worked previously with it anyway!
2. Open a SP editor session in Takistan.
3. Drop a player unit (any will do).
4. Preview the mission.
5. Script errors will appear immediately the player is created.

Updated by Xeno about 5 years ago

nvm :D

Updated by Robalo about 5 years ago

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Jedra, can you please post your userconfig\asr content if you customized it, or does this happen with my defaults ?


Updated by Jedra about 5 years ago

Damn - I should have checked first. Sorry mate it looks like I never got Six to update the userconfig the last time ASR was updated. It works fine.

Closed : Reason - stupid user ;-)

Updated by Robalo about 5 years ago

  • Status changed from Feedback to Closed

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