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Command 'speed' gives wrong values (when crawling with pistol)

Added by Lester about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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the command speed gives totally wrongvalues when a unit is crawling.

crawling speed Data with rifle (normal/slow) movement:
forward = 3.41 / 1.80
backward = -2.07 / -0.84
left = 0.38 / 0.18
right = 0.42 / 0.22

crawling speed Data with pistol (normal/slow) movement:
forward = 3.84 / 4.02
backward = -2.21 / -2.21
left = 6.07 / 6.07
right = 0.00 / 0.00

The crawling speed with a pistol maybe a bit faster than with a gun,
but i can't see why it's faster (forward) or the same when moving in slow mode.
And finally the left / right values are totally wierd
and the difference of 6km/h doesn't match in any way with the feeling of the moving speed !

Crawling - speed error with pistol.utes.7z (695 Bytes) Lester, 04/15/2012 06:54


Updated by Fireball about 5 years ago

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Please update with expected state.

Is it really faster, the crawling or is the speed indication wrong?

Updated by Lester about 5 years ago

Both !

The indication of the speed command is totally wrong (0 km/h is a lot to slow and the 6 km/h seems to fast!)
When using velocity instead of speed the left/right values are 98% identical !

But apart from that, the 'slow movement' via <shift> is a lot faster then the normal movement, confirmed with the velocity command values and also my subjective feeling.

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