Bug #30313

Picking up objects (To put in cars)

Added by DJessey over 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:04/14/2012
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Target version:1.0
Affected ArmA II version: BIForumURL:


It seems that sometimes players will not be able to pick up certain objects, You will simply not get the option to for example pick up a H-Barrier. You can however see the contents of a vehicle and if there is an item inside there and you try to "Unload" it it will simply disappear.


Updated by Craig_VG about 5 years ago

Is this on a dedicated server? If not, are you the client or the host?

Updated by DJessey about 5 years ago

It happens 90% of the time when I do a local host if you know what I mean (Host from ingame)

But I also had it happen on dedicated servers. (That I hosted myself) but there's a less chance of it happening there.

Updated by Craig_VG about 5 years ago

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