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ACE wounds action events

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Is there any way to catch an event when a unit is healed using ACE wounds actions?
And some way to get the names of the healing and the healed unit


Updated by Sickboy over 5 years ago

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What do you mean with 'healed'?
  • Bandaged?
  • Morphined?
  • Epenephrined?
  • Healed by Medic? (Distinction between "in the Field", or at a Medical Facility?)

All, One, or selection?

Updated by Mikhail over 5 years ago

I'm interested in all that one player does to another in medical terms, so it's "in the Field by a medic". So it would be splendid to detect events of bandaging, injections, CPRs and First Aids separately.
In the worst case of course a simple event of "Soldier1 done some unknown medic stuff to Soldier2" without details would suffice.

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Cheers, will try to make it for 1.14.

Updated by MagicStuffUser almost 5 years ago

Little feedback:
Please, give a list of events or/and functions names,
For example:
I need add a points (addScore) for medic if he applied medkit(in filed and in mash) or some other med stuff for some player, or if he healing somebody in filed.
Thanks :)

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