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Suggested Side Mission: UAV/Predator

Added by mawendt about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Locate an abandonded/damaged hmmv with a random either uav or predator, limited fuel/ammo usage.

Basically a couple attacks and 15 minutes of intelligence use after launch, and predator fails and crashes.

Predator damaged, and may be shot down.

Glitch the HMMV so it cannot be repaired and after 15 min or UAV use, theres a flash and a spark, and it begins to catch fire, and the UAV crashes.


Updated by Tonic-_- about 5 years ago

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Not quite one of the features I am looking for. Need to balance out the gameplay for all. It's bad enough when I give myself one XD.

Updated by mawendt about 5 years ago

Sure... but this and things like this MIGHT be a future option for 'Special Vehicles' parameter settings in the future.

Thinking about it, you could consider a major nerfing and requirements that occupy the player, like after the player LOCATES the UAV HMMV

  • HMMV Terminal needs to be fixed, needs parts to work
  • UAV has to be deployed on a flat take off area, deploys in front of HMMV, forcing player to be eiter on a runway, or long straight section of road
  • UAV needs fuel; when has fuel bleeds it out so fast you only have 5 min of use (isntead of the 15 i suggested)
  • Two types of UAV at random: vanilla UAV with no weapons, intel agthering only, or the PREDATOR with two missiles.
  • After 5 min of air time, UAV crashes for lack of fuel
  • After aggregation of a random(10)+5 minutes, the UAV Terminal sparks, flashes, and the HMMV catches fire...

Options could e:
- maybe HMMV can be somehow fixed to last longer with certain parts, or stripping another terminal hmmv
- maybe UAV can be unnerfed with certain parts or an egineer with a welder, to extend flight time to 10mins

Hoping that it can be revisted, certainly not a priority. I'm thinking like most missions it certainly cannot be overpowering, yet it has to be such a temptation that people just have to expend effort to make it payoff, and force them to scavenge, defend, hide, whatever to make it successful if only for a snapshot in time.

Having this as an ace-in-the-hole if the MOBILE Inf Co idea is implemented, may make it cool... I'd leave it up to a player, since it'd be more or less a one shot deal, kinda like the helicopter bleeding fuel thing.

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