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Suggested Mod Addition: Advanced Injury

Added by mawendt about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Advanced recoverable/healable injuries affecting gameplay.

What it does: Player receives location based injury to Head, Torso, Arm or Leg; each location ahs a differnt impact; modded medical supplies or medical tent reduce effects for limited times; only a doctor can fully heal. Modded medical supplies may include painkillers, antibiotics, and limited effect time bandages.

Impact: Head - swaying of view affecting shooting and driving; Torso - loud, labored breathing and slowed (-25%) speed; Arm - gimped swaying of shooting and driving, additional time (+25%) accessing gear, repairing and climbing; leg - slowed (-25%) speed (maybe script an up-and-down foot drag walk?), random increase/decrease accelleration driving.

Advanced Impact: Bandages negate effects for torso, arm and leg for 15 real time minutes; Painkillers negate effects of Head or torso for 15 real time minutes; possibility of not being healed in whatever amount of time may provoke 'infection' that slowly kills player left untreated; only a doctor or medic may fully heal. Use of one painkiller and one bandage may be stacked, but only one use of each type per 15 min is effective. Affects players injured in the field, creates increase dependancy on medical personel and demands on med tents, bandages, and painkillers.


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Hah, I love the initiative from you but this is a bit too far advanced for me without using the addon ACE. There could be a ACE version in the future though.

Updated by mawendt about 5 years ago

yeah, it is.

but think of the awesome number of cool points a scripter would earn in the community if he did it and made it available.

seriously, this shoulda been a BIS programmer or game engine implementation from the get-go.

maybe in A3...

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