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Suggested Mod Addition: Tire Fix Script (TFS)

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Status:Closed Start date:03/31/2012
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Target version:Version 1D
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Suggest implementation with permisiion and credit Tire Fix Script (TFS) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?115755-TFS-Tire-Fix-Script

WHAT IT DOES: simple script that seperates tire repairs from other repairs; all players may fix a tire; tire fix takes about 15 seconds, and requires a spare.

IMPACT: mandates an additional scavange requirement, securing tires of the same type of vehicle; makes undrivable vehicles valuable for their scavengeable spare potential; allows non-engineer players to do a real-life non-tecnical common fix, repair a tire, while isolating more complex repairs to the venue of engineer/mechanics like fixing an engine or fuel tank.

EXTENDED IDEA: create 'vehicle parts' token that may be stripped from vehicles, further advancing the scavenge philosphy; damaged vehicles would then require the engineer or mechanic to possess at least one 'vehicle parts' token to repair any severely damaged (red) slot to orange.


Updated by mawendt about 5 years ago

Whiskey will work on extending TFS to all game vehicles according to their classes: Urals, Civ Pick Ups, Civ 2 dr and 4 dr, Military SOF, HMMV, Tractors, and Buses.

Each vehicle will have One spare. Tire takes up 3 slots.

Extended: Scavenging may allow to remove all tires as scavenged spares; Key Locations: Mechanics may allow for the 'recovery' of one spare tire type with 1 iron/3 scavenged rubber.

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Implemented into V1D Beta but will have to add additional support for other various vehicles.

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