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Scavenge system

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Scavenge system for food, water, money, medkits, etc.


Updated by mawendt about 5 years ago

Suggest scavenge system may include the following:

Water, Food, Weapons, Ammo are a given, but also:

Ammo for vehicle mounted weapons - store in vehicle or crate?

Specific Repair Parts (further designated for other modifications ie 'Vehicle Parts', 'Generator Parts', 'Helicopter Parts', 'Boat Parts', 'Civilian Power Circut Breaker')

Medical Supplies - bandages but also pain killers, and antibiotics with an advanced injury script

Tires - with Tire Fix Script

Radio parts - to fix tower radios

Maybe an ability to take vehicle headlights and make a spotlight/fixed searchlight?

Updated by mawendt about 5 years ago

just as an add -

i really like not having money as a means of value. perhaps consider using a more barter based transaction maybe like:

  • player within 3m of another player, AI, or gunshop, addAction "Trade with me?"
  • True, jump to trade screen
    --Trade screen has four parts: List on left and right sides of the participating traders, and two boxes one over another in the middle;

-- each player has little green, red, and orange buttons underneath their list that say "Accept", "Decline", and "End Trade";

both must press "Accept" at the end of transaction to finalize trade and exchange whatever; at any time either can press "End Trade" and exit without a trade. During the transaction, when they have placed items in the offering boxes, the green and red buttons become a brighter shade - if decline is pressed, then a notice pops ups saying "Trader Partner declines; make a better offer"

-- Top box is the left player, initiating the trade, bottom box is the accepting trade player, AI, or gunshop. With AI or gunshop, player picks the items of trade and engine has to determine a perceived value; players select stuff from their inventory and adds it to his box to 'Offer'

  • any item can be offered, ad players determine what their needs are for value, but AI and Gunshop have a hidden 'value' determination, maybe randomized, maybe based on a sliding scale of what they already have. For instance, and AI with 2 STANAG mags and having a gun that uses STANAG may want more STANAGS and be willing to trade 5 Bandages for the 1st clip, 4 Bandages for the second clip, or 10 clips for a Repair Kit it has; Gunshop may tade a percieved value of guns. If it has a lot of AKM's, then the value of AKMs is low.

  • OK, megacomplicated. Maybe a simpler option, on short term: ***

A quick way may be to create a percieved value down to Bullets rather than money, since they are expendable like bandages. Advantage to this is everyone really, really REALLY needs bullets. So you have 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100 bullets in a magazine or belt - wow, that looks almost like a US currency scale.

Bandages may have a random value of rand(10)+10 bullets and trading may be in either/or/and bandages and bullets; an AK is base valued at 250 bullets, an M4A3 with ACOG 600 bullets, a Barret 2500 bullets, a STANAG clip one or two bandages depending on the gunshop AI... everything always sells at 25% more than base, and buys at 25% less than base... AI may flex based on friendship/respect level if ever implemented... diferent areas may have different prices based on demands...

Suddenly, a guy with a gunbox is wealthy theres three ways: he has bullets to shoot, bullets to buy, and bullets to trade. Or the whole dang box. But now he's a also major target for his perceived wealth. Trust issues, anyone...?

Advantage to this is we already have a sort of comparable value in real life. We know what the market price of a Barret, an M4, a Barretta 9mm... and can (kind of) put a comparable value on guns based on that. Certainly easier by parallel rather than thinking up some new thing. Plus it puts perceived value back in the hands of the player - will they give up five 100 round boxes of vehicle ammo to buy something?

(We gotta get an expanded rearm system in covering statics and vehicle mounted weapons to make those belt boxes valuable. See the chit.)

K. Complicated. But suprisingly, so was your original gun store. If this can be done, it'll set a whole new way of conducting bidness in the Arma 2 environment, and any RPG like mods will demand it. Cool points all around.

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Initial scavenging system for food,water,medkits and money have been implemented.

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