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Copy that system to Blackhawk ?

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Hi, maybe you can copy that awesome looking concept/project to the blackhawk ?
I know there is already a mod that let you sit next to the door but shooting in that position would be perfect:

Not so close like those people ;-)

Better one:


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might be best to adapt it for the ADukes helos, they're in the same seating pos of the littlebirds sitting there and it would look more natural...

Updated by M1n1d0u over 4 years ago

maybe someone can speak with yurapetrov for his great pack !

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Per the thread:
"Also, since I know this will come up: No, I do not plan to make this for any other vehicles aside from the xH-6 platform. If you'd like to take on that challenge, feel free - I just do not personally have the time for it."

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