Bug #29472

selectweapon with G36A_camo & G36K_camo doesn't work

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selectweapon with G36A_camo & G36K_camo doesn't work

Repro Steps

1. Start arma editor

2. place a german ksk teamleader or ksk rifleman as player.

3. createtrigger with alpha activation

4. write in onact: player selectweapon primaryweapon player;

5. preview, select the pistol (G17) and call the alpha trigger.

The player doesn't take the primaryweapon in hands. If you choose another unit like ksk machinegunner, ksk paramedic, US Special Forces ..... the problem isn't present. Only with the weapons G36A_camo & G36K_camo.

G36A_camo / G36K_camo are selected.


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Updated by rocko over 5 years ago

That is because the G36A contains the muzzle 'MuzzleFar' which needs to be selected. Common weapons do not have other muzzles (except the rifles with underbarrel grenadelaunchers)

See: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/selectWeapon - Examples.

While the bug is valid, it has a different cause. Rather the unnecessary muzzle should be removed from the G36A and G36K to be compatible with the rest of the weapons in the game.

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Confirmed. Very annoying to see such stuff in official configs.

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