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new Backpacks with ballistic shield

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hey guys,

maybe I am requesting too much these days, well I am willing to
support you, in any way I can, so let me know if there is something.


it would be nice if you could put your backpack on the ground to cover your body
in open areas.
how awesome would it be if you can get some real safety through that with
kevlar, e.g..

introduction end.

so I had a look through the net to find a backpack with a kevla or keramic plate in it.

and I found it:


I suggest to make two new Backpacks.

Name : "SpecOps Assault Pack"

total capacity : 2550 ccm

weight: 2.3 kg araamid ; (1,4 kg + 1,6 kg PE) 3,0 kg ; (1.4 kg + 3.8 ceramic) 5,2 kg

classes: ballistic protection III-A, III and IV

III-A will absorb 9mm pistol and submachinegun ammunition, aswell as fragmention shells.

III will absob 6 rounds of 7.62 x 51 Nato

IV (multihit) will at least absorb 6 rounds of 7.62 X 51 mm NATO

or two rounds of armor pierced .3006 caliber.

it says that it can hold a .30 Armor pierced of a M2 heavy machine gun, but if
remember corretly that muzzle speed was about 4000 fps muzzle speed, not as the listed 2850 fps impact speed.

this backpack will give the player the oppurtunity in open ground to take some effective cover to the front
in relation to a heavier load.

if my other backpack feature thread will be assigned.

if I can help, let me know



Updated by kOepi about 5 years ago

sorry, it is not a bug.

total capacity is 2550 cubic inches, which are 41787 cc

Updated by Xeno about 5 years ago

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Updated by SirBeaver about 5 years ago

Almost all military backpacks have a pocket to slide in SAPIs, or any other plates, so I don't think new models are really necessary. Maybe a version of some already existing models with more weight?

Off topic, but how awesome would be if the helmets and plate carriers on the models would actually protect...

Updated by kOepi about 5 years ago

what is more work? adjusting 20 backpacks or creating one more? I dont know.

yes it would be awesome if helmet would protect the head.

offtopic again, is the power/damage of a bullet depending on the time it travels, in game?

Updated by rocko almost 5 years ago

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Updated by scrim93 over 4 years ago

Don't really understand this, considering that the vests and helmets that are actually used IRL don't protect you in Arma. Besides, ask any active duty/retired soldier what he'd feel about throwing in an extra SAPI plate in his ruck when he's already carrying close to his own body weight.

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