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Several possible performance improvements

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Target version:MSO v4.4
Component:CORE Reproduced by another DH user:No
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Testing indicates that MSO struggles when many players attempt to join the mission at initialisation. Testing also seems to indicate that anymore than 12 players and server FPS drops to < 5 making it unplayable.

Suggested performance improvements include:

1. Enemy modules initialise after 5-10 minutes (random for each module)
2. AI should be limited to < 100 units per client, 150 units on server and say a suitable number in total (1000?)
3. Caching should be more aggressive at FPS drops
4. Enemy generation modules should be exclusive
5. Ambience should be scaled back based on server FPS (dynamically)
6. Time sync should be randomized for each player (so not all players are synched at the same time)


Updated by wobbleyheadedbob almost 3 years ago

I've actually been thinking about this in terms of the Service Bus that Wolfy spoke about some time ago. Initialisation may benefit from a similar approach.

My idea is something along these lines:
1. Using a method similar to the way I did the MHQ module using PV's to send a broadcast request to the server.
2. Each request is an update to a single PV that the server listens for.
3. The Server accepts each request and adds it to an array queue.
3.1 We could set a max size for the array queue, when full, all requests are denied with an appropriate short response, then its up to the relevant requesting module to respond internally.
4. The server processes the array 1 element at a time with pre-set time-delayed intervals.

I haven't actually tried putting this into practice yet so I'm not sure if this just adds more overhead than it solves(most likely), stop me now if you think this is a completely fubar solution.

I even drew a cheezy picture :)

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Updated by highhead almost 3 years ago

WICT is not spawning anything if count allgroups > maxAIgroups (which can be setup in mission parameters). If you want me to limit maxAIgroups, just tell me. I think its ok for WICT since mission-starter can adjust it in parameters

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