Bug #29326

script error

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Target version:2.62
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Affected Version:2.61 I am using:
Graphics card driver version: Reproducible for you:No
Affected ArmA II version: BIForumURL (Use new instead):
Reproduced by another DH user:No Single / Multi Player?:


File I44_base_effects\scripts\dust_singleStream.sqf, line 30
Error in expression < [2/_pLife, 0],0.2, 0.1, "", "", ""];drop _array;_acc = [[0, 0, -10], [_vel,>
Error position: <drop _array;_acc = [[0, 0, -10], [_vel,>
Error Typ Jede, erwartet Array

i've used the 60mm M2 mortar


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Will investigate, thanks.

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Unfortunately I couldn't discover a cause for this. I added some code to hopefully prevent it from happening. If you notice it again, please make a new ticket!

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